The stories of parents who are delayed at work late

We strive to give children the best and therefore are forced to work hard. But how our absence at home affects the family? The word to parents.

“Children do not need money, they need us”

Lisa, 38 years old, analyst

In the company where I work, it is not necessary to constantly attend the office. One day a week I work from home and could more often, but then I will lack communication (primarily professional) and I will miss new career opportunities. At the same time, I would like to spend more time with children: play, teach useful, help develop.

Children dream that I take them out of school, and are happy when I do it. The son says that if he were a school principal, he would cancel the extension, and parents would take the children immediately after the lessons. Mom left a job to engage in us, children. This helped us in training and development. Little children do not need a lot of money. They need you to devote time to them. Children whose parents are always nearby get the best start in life.

“It is

terrible that you have to stay late”

Philip, 40 years old, financial analyst

Staff reduce, the load increases, the feeling of instability is growing. To provide my family, I work at least 50 hours a week. And this is reflected in the family. Children complain that I come from work late, my wife has stress due to the fact that I have to deal with home and children without my help, I feel terrible.

Even when I am at home, we do not spend much time together: I need solitude, and finding a balance does not work.

“Because of early leaving for work, I can not feed my son, as before”

Anna, 34 years old, architect

The consequences of the crisis are affected by me and colleagues when many were left without work. Everyone comes to seven in the morning, I have to live according to this schedule. My little son sees me only when he goes to bed. If I linger at work, he lies late and gets tired. But again to become unemployed even worse than lingering at work and seeing a tired child.

Because of my work, I have problems with breastfeeding: I do not always manage to feed my son in the morning and in the evening. It’s hard to leave the house when he is sleeping and know that I can only feed him in the evening.

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