How to communicate with narcissions: 5 tips

Highness and selfishness, the lack of ability to empathize and incredible arrogance-these traits of daffodils truly touch many of us. We share in five ways to withstand narcissistic personalities.

Recently, a friend said that she happened to watch the daffodil and his behavior caused hatred in her. This is amazing, because she is perhaps the kindest and most caring person of all I know.

What to do in a clash with unsightly manifestations of narcissism: inability to empathize, arrogance and arrogance, boasting and mania of greatness, the need for constant admiration for others and a tendency to blame everyone around, except for themselves?

Usually, when we experience strong emotions, it is best to discuss them with someone, ideally-with the very person who causes these emotions. In many situations, this helps, but the narcissories do not care about our feelings.

Many years ago I talked about my experiences to a friend-narcissus. I thought for many hours how to carefully and carefully express everything that was in my soul. I opened to him, trying to take into account his feelings and psychological state, but in response I received only bitterness and endless stream of accusations. So, how to protect yourself from daffodils?

1. Look at the situation wider

You cannot control or change other people, but are able to control yourself and change your own attitude to what is happening. Narcissus can perfectly involve them in their world, force them to accept their point of view. Try to notice this as early as possible and look at the situation wider.

The one with whom you communicate, only one of the seven billions of people on the planet. Why give him power over your emotions?

2. Remember your strengths

List the five most strengths of your personality and make a plan for how to use them to protect your psychological well -being when communicating with such a person.

3. Avoid “dirt”

Try to control yourself and not succumb to an obsessive desire to meet, communicate, maintain contact with the daffodil. Show prudence and find a more useful application of your time.

4. Benefit from communication

Ask yourself what the character traits of the Narcissus excite you the most. That you do not see honesty, kindness and modesty in him? Most likely, the most strong reaction is caused by the manifestation of the most significant features for you. Thus, observing your reaction to the behavior of the narcissus, you can learn more about yourself, and this knowledge will come in handy to solve your own problems and conflicts.

5. Learn to better understand the behavior of others

When it comes to a mild form of narcissism, which does not reach the level of personality disorder, it is useful to consider the behavior of such a person in the context of his strengths: which of them he does not use enough, and which, on the contrary, uses excessively.

However, in the case of a severe degree of narcissism (which is commonly called an intake of personality disorder), unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking are deeply rooted in the person’s personality and it is difficult to just call the wrong use of the strengths.

The complete absence of the ability to empathize is not to reduce just to the insufficient manifestation of kindness or social intelligence. Mania of greatness, a constant need to be an object of admiration and outbreak of rage for the slightest reason – this is not just a lack of self -control.

Another look is possible: daffodils use the strengths of their personality inappropriately – for example, for manipulating others. Perseverance and creative abilities can also be

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applied for unseemly purposes. Narcissus applies all its strengths for one goal: to get the maximum benefit for himself, regardless of the rest.

The daffodil is most likely indifferent to your well -being, but it is not indifferent to you. You have the right to defend yourself and take care of yourself.

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