Three steps to enter a stream state

Some call this “to be in the blow”, others say that they have reached a state of maximum concentration. Blogger Justin Faraday explains how to learn how to work concentratedly for those who are often distracted. So, more to keep up and enjoy the process.

Stream – a condition in which tasks are forced to give all the best, but at the same time do not deprive motivation. Time seems to slow down, we easily abstract from everything that previously distracted. Three simple steps will help to enter it.

1. Determine what distracts you

Household? Look for other places where you can work: a coworking site or library. You feel uncomfortable in open space with high ceilings, it means that the university library is not for you. Distract social networks? Disconnect the Internet.

2. Enjoy

This is a clear sign that you are in the stream. For the weekend, plan work on projects that are very interesting to you. The goal is

to get the maximum pleasure. If you start to lose concentration, turn on the music, twist the spinner, perform breathing exercises. Note options that help concentrate.

3. Make a list of techniques that help concentrate

It is necessary to form a relationship between the state of concentration, the use of specific technology and the performance of the task. These techniques should be a habit. When you find yourself in a distracting environment, you can use these techniques to enter a state of stream. Perhaps the way will be simple: for example, make breathing gymnastics and listen to your favorite song.

Smells and memories

Smell greatly affects memory and emotions. Choose oils, herbs or aromatic candles to tie their smell with a stream state. When you notice that you are completely concentrated, inhale the smell of juniper, lavender or any other. Do it regularly. So you will create a connection between the smell and installation for productive work.

Music and mood

Music also actively affects emotions and motivation. A quick pace improves concentration and increases productivity, slow soothing melodies help to relax.


Physical activity tunes the brain for concentration. Exercises increase the neurotrophic factor of the brain – protein necessary for memory and learning, reduce anxiety, improve short -term memory and establish hormonal balance. Even a small physical activity has a positive effect on chemical processes in the brain.

To learn how to enter a stream state, practice is required. The skill needs to be developed, like any other. It is easier to maintain concentration when you do what you like. The more often you will deal with your favorite things and stay in a state of stream, the easier you will be to enter it when you need it.

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